10 Tips to Make Your Baby's Skin Fair and Glow

tips to make your baby’s skin fair

Are you looking to make your baby's sensitive and tender skin fair in minimum time? The best way is through natural home remedies. The skin of some babies is extra vulnerable to specific agents. This variation in skin sensitivity changes how you can make the kid's skin fair once again. With a sea of home remedies, parents no longer know which one they should choose.

If you are one of those, don't worry! By analyzing the reviews of thousands of parents and trying a few of these remedies ourselves, we have brought you ten tips to make your baby's skin fair. Stick till the end, and you'll get a bonus hassle-free strategy to maintain your baby's skin health. But first, let's explore the tips and tricks to give your baby that shine you've ever imagined!

Thing To Remember About Your Baby's Skin

Babies are loved by their parents regardless of their dusky, wheatish, or pale skin color. However, some moms may become extra anxious about their child's complexion, which is normal considering the societal pressure everyone has to bear in this modern age. To give your little ones a perfectly fair skin tone, you must keep certain things in your mind that are common throughout all infants.

Starting from the skin color, it is really not possible to change the skin complexion based on chemical or natural means. No matter how much you try, skin colors are based on genetics and won't be altered by external factors. If you want to maintain and improve your child's skin health, we've got plenty of tips to make your baby's skin fair. 

Every baby's skin is sensitive and prone to external infections. You may have heard people idealizing that babies have immaculately soft and flawless skin. But exceptions are there! In your child's first year, blemishes are normal; if you don't care for them occasionally, they can harm the skin. Therefore, always prioritize care before remedies. 

Make Your Baby's Skin Fair And Glow With These Mom-Tips

As discussed earlier, the skin of babies is irritant and sensitive. Thus, if you are applying something to it, it is better to be sure that the reagent used suits their health. That is only possible if you have tried it yourself or on the baby. Thankfully, we have some tips for you, tested and approved by thousands of moms! Here are ten ways if you are wondering how to make baby fair without worrying about skin damage. 

1. Use Scrubs 

Scrubs are one of the easiest tips to make your baby's skin fair. There are multiple baby scrubs available in the market. However, it would be ideal for making a natural scrub at home unless you are entirely sure that the marketed scrub has no artificial ingredients. To create a natural scrub at home, use raw milk, coconut oil, chickpea powder, and rose water. 

Take all the ingredients in a container and mix them well. Make sure the mixture is neither too concentrated nor diluted. Plus, there must not be bigger chunks inside the scrub. Apply the mixture to the baby's skin and let it rest for about 5 minutes. Once done, wash it gently by scrubbing it with your hands. Avoid using extra force, as it will cause rashes on your little one's face. 

2. Sunlight Is Your Enemy

Sunlight can cause rashes and tan your baby's skin—especially in earlier months. According to FDA (Food and Drug Administration), a parent must use sunscreen for a baby until it reaches the age of 6 months. However, if you do not want to use sunscreen for your baby, here are four ways that will let you know how to get fair baby by protecting him from sunlight:

  • Keep your baby in the shade at all times.
  • Dress the baby in lightweight and loosely fitted clothes that protect their limbs.
  • Use a hat to protect the neck and ears.
  • If you must take them in the sun, avoid doing it from 10 AM to 4 PM, as UV lights are at their peak during this time 

3. Apply Gram Flour Paste Mask

Gram flour paste is one of the most common baby packs to get fair skin for you and your babies. Many parents have claimed for it works miraculously on their little ones. The best part is that it is a homemade remedy that requires only natural ingredients. The remedy below will tell you how to fair your skin and your baby's! Let's start with the elements:

  • Raw milk
  • Oil (in winter)
  • Turmeric
  • Gram flour (besan).
  • Fresh cream

Mix all these ingredients in water to make a slurry-like mixture. Apply it onto the skin and wait for it to dry. Once it is dried out, start massaging the baby's skin with oil and remove the dried coat. Keep doing it twice a month to see results. Remember, this mixture must not go in your toddler's mouth; otherwise, it will lead to diarrhea. 

4. Use Face Pack

A baby's facial skin is the most vulnerable to rashes and dullness. The reason is that it is constantly exposed to the environment. Therefore, a face pack is ideal if you are worried about your baby's facial skin fairness. Here's a homemade face-pack remedy for you. 

Homemade Face-Pack Remedy: Mix turmeric with saffron threads and sandalwood paste. Use raw milk to make its mixture. Next, apply it on the baby's body as a thin layer and let it dry out. After 10 to 15 minutes, scrub gently and clean the skin with a damp cloth. Ensure to repeat the process once a month as it also helps to get rid of infectious microbes. 

5. Ubtan Will Do Wonders!

Ubtan is also the name of a household paste made from water, turmeric powder, and besan. The only difference is that to create this mixture, you must mix the ingredients in lukewarm water. This fine paste is ideal for damaged skin of babies that is tanned or filled with blemishes. Besides, some moms also guarantee that it will keep the skin fair for longer. 

6. Moisturize the Skin

Moisturizer is essential for skin–especially if your child is in the growing stage. Moisturization maintains your skin's hydration and helps it replenish all the necessary nutrients. Unfortunately, creating a moisturizer at home isn't easy, so we suggest you go for a trusted online brand. But before buying a moisturizer, check it on your little one's skin. Plus, try to avoid the ones with fragrances or chemical additives, as they have a higher chance of triggering allergies.

7. Optimum Bathing Temperature

Bathing your baby not only helps to make him clean but also makes his skin look healthy and glowing. But that is possible only if the temperature is right. You must bathe your baby in warm water that is neither too hot nor too cold. Always keep the water mildly hot, as increasing its temperature would certainly harm your little one's skin. 

Besides, you can use natural body wash and massage to maintain skin health while bathing. Ensure to massage gently, as doing it too harshly would cause rashes on the skin. Moreover, don't use too cold water for bathing your child as it can tighten the pores, which can trap debris and bacteria inside. 

8. Give the Baby a Hot Oil Massage

A hot oil massage does the same wonders that a moisturizer does. Using hot oil massages can help you fulfill the skin's requirement for essential oils. Besides, hot oil massages calm the baby, helping induce sleep. You don't have to use artificial oils purchased from expensive brands. You just need to find almond or coconut oil and start the massage. These oils are preferred because they help relieve colic symptoms. 

9. Ideal Baby Diet

Applying pastes and store products is not the only way to improve your baby's skin health. Diet is one of the most healthy and long-lasting tips to make your baby's skin fair. To maintain fair skin, the baby must take a daily dose of fiber, protein, and nutrients. Moreover, giving breast milk and water to your baby can be an alternative to moisturizer as they keep the skin hydrated. Consider giving your child's doctor a trip if you don't know how much water your baby requires. 

10. Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood paste is a beneficial ingredient used in multiple cosmetic remedies. However, if you don't have the time to prepare a homemade paste, you can use just the sandalwood paste as a thin layer and gently massage it onto the baby's skin to keep it glowing and fair. If you are buying it, try to use sandalwood paste from an exceptional brand that uses only natural ingredients in its products; so you don't trigger your baby's allergies unintentionally.

Home Remedies Or Market Fairness Soaps; Which One Is Better And Why? 

If you start looking for baby skin whitening tips to keep your kid's skin fair and maintained, the road goes two separate ways. You'll be given two options; home remedies and market fairness soaps. Here is a brief analysis of both of them.

1. Home Remedies

Home remedies are mostly made up of all-natural ingredients. These include natural products mixed with rose water, coconut, or raw milk. As these remedies are natural, the risk of allergies or side effects is extremely low. Besides, these don't cost you a fortune. The biggest pro is that their formation is relatively easy as all the products are accessible.

2. Market Fairness Soaps

If you don't know what home remedy would serve the best for your infant, using a designated fairness soap would be perfect. But remember, we don't encourage using artificially created fairness soaps as they have potential allergens. The risks of allergies are much higher if you use such soaps. Instead, go for a brand that uses natural ingredients and has a credible approach in the industry about its products. Purelitto is the best seller and our top pick for you.


There are multiple tips to make your baby's skin fair. However, every one of them would work differently, depending on your kid's skin type. Before applying any product on your baby's skin, the disclaimer is to ensure that it has no artificial components to prevent any post-usage effect. 

If you have enough time, create a natural skin fairness paste from the prescribed remedies for your baby. But if you are confused about what's the best and need a hassle-free skin care solution, choose the 100% naturally made products of Purelitto. Hundreds of moms trust these guys as they know how to make your baby's skin fair and glow with premium products catered to your needs!