100+ Baby Shower Wishes and Message Ideas For Your Card

Prepartum is an emotional time for mothers-to-be, especially those who are giving birth for the first time. The hormonal rush with the fear of unpredictability is often too much to handle. During such times, baby showers are a ray of positivity that everything will be fine. 

With such invitations in your mail, you probably need warm baby shower wishes or messages to make your loved one feel comfortable. But how to start? And what to write on baby shower cards?

Don't worry since we've got your back. Here are 100+ baby shower wish ideas you can use in your card without sounding too cheesy or melodramatic!

How To Write Baby Shower Wishes?

Before jumping on what to write, it is essential to know how to write. Although a baby shower is an overwhelming event, it can often leave us dumbstruck when the empty writing card shows in front of us. There is so much love you want to shower on your friend/sister. But where to start?

The trick is personalization. The better you know the mother-to-be, the better you can write! However, if you still are lost as to what to write, follow these tips:

  • Keep your message short
  • Make it sweet and happy
  • Congratulate the parents on having a baby
  • Do add a personalized note at the end

To make things easier for you, here are 100+ ideas you can use to write in your baby shower card message. So, let's get started!        

Heartfelt Baby Shower Wishes

Warm congratulations and best wishes are the first thoughts that pop into your mind while writing a baby shower message. Being emotional is natural in such events, especially for the mother-to-be. Since walking into parenthood is a significant milestone in life, so writing a cute and welcoming baby shower message can cheer up parents-to-be. 

Therefore, warm congratulations are the best way to write up baby shower wishes. Some examples include:

  1. Congratulations on this new chapter of your life. 
  2. May this new chapter of your life come with loads of happiness for your baby and family!
  3. Wishing you both best wishes with parenthood.
  4. Congratulations on your happy addition to the family!
  5. Welcome to the happy world of parenting.
  6. So excited about your new family addition!
  7. You are going to be superb parents. Your child will be blessed to have you as a parent!
  8. You're going to be a great mom!
  9. Congratulations on becoming a mom. You're going to ace it like always!
  10. Congratulations on having a baby. Wishing you a safe delivery and a speedy recovery ahead.
  11. Sending you and your partner loads of good wishes. I hope these baby shower wishes can help you bring your family happiness, joy, health, and prosperity!   
  12. I can't wait to see you with your baby! 
  13. My best friend is going to be a MOM! Can't wait to be an aunt!
  14. Best wishes for you and your baby. We are always here for you guys whenever you need anything.
  15. Our little angel will be here in a few weeks. Can't wait to hold him up!
  16. Giving birth is one of the best experiences of motherhood. Hopefully, you'll have a great first time, and both you and your baby will be back home safe and sound in no time.
  17. Welcome to a new phase of your life with loads of well wishes.  
  18. Cheers on all your happy moments coming ahead!
  19. Babies don't come with user manuals. Still, I know you'll do a great job. Best of luck with your parenting adventures ahead!
  20. The sleepless nights will be worth it when the baby smiles. So keep on going. You're almost at the finish line.            
  21. Your baby is a miracle from heaven. Congratulations on getting it! 

Funny Baby Shower Wishes

Combining the excitement of the baby with fun anticipations leads to positive thoughts. It helps to lessen the anxiety of birth. Try these wishes baby shower card messages to add a funny element to your baby shower wishes.   

  1. Get ready for unpaid all-nighters for at least six months ahead!
  2. Announcement Mom-to-be: The rollercoaster of your emotions is about to start. Be prepared for the highs and lows of parenting!
  3. The cutest tornado of your life is about to land. Hope you'll have fun with it!
  4. Wishing you endless joy, countless blessings, and just enough sanity to make it through the toddler years!
  5. Wishing you the best of parenthood, especially peaceful sleep nights.
  6. Trouble is on the way. Wishing you enough stamina to deal with it!
  7. Welcome to parenthood. Now you'll learn the real meaning of "sleeping like a baby"! 
  8. May your baby inherit all the best traits: your sense of humor, their dad's dance moves, and a knack for sleeping through the night!   
  9. Congratulations on being a parent. I love you, but I love your baby more!
  10. Instead of "fake it till you make it" to "make it till you fake it," welcome to the sleepless rollercoaster of parenting.
  11. Best of luck raising a healthy baby! 
  12. I hope you have a cute baby with contagious waves of laughter and fewer diaper disasters! 
  13. Nine months without sushi. You can do this 'name'!

Wishes For A Baby Girl

To make your greetings girly and sweet, here is a list of things to write in a baby shower card for baby girls!

  1. Your postpartum pinks are on your way!
  2. Congratulations on having a baby girl!
  3. I'm sure your baby girl is going to be just like her mother. Strong, resilient, and brave!
  4. Sassy mama is going to have a sassy daughter soon!
  5. I hope your baby girl brings you happiness, love, and joy!   
  6. Congratulations on being the parents of a princess.
  7. The ruler of your hearts and home will be here soon; wishing you and your baby girl the best from the bottom of our hearts!
  8. Baby girls are a personalized gift from heaven. Congratulations on getting one!
  9. Sugar, spice, and bundle of wise – Dad's pride for all life! 

Wishes For A Baby Boy

For a baby boy, you can use these baby shower greeting messages in your baby shower wishes. 

  1. Congratulations on having a support system in the shape of a son for life!
  2. Son, your father is going to be so proud and happy for you!
  3. Best wishes for you, your son, and his dad!
  4. Your daughter is going to be so happy to get a brother!
  5. Welcome to the world of joy and happiness, boy. Your parents are looking forward to meeting you!
  6. Your baby boy is a blessing from heaven.
  7. This father-son duo is going to rock the world together one day!
  8. Your adventure partner is on your way. Have fun controlling and protecting him!
  9. Every son is a rollercoaster ride. I hope yours is full of happy adrenaline and fewer thrillers!
  10. Your super dad is waiting for a partner in adventures. I'm sure you are going to be a great one, son!

Baby Shower Wishes For Moms

Baby showers are a welcoming celebration for new babies. However, moms are the real heroes. So, baby shower wishes should also make them feel that way. You can use these templates if you need help figuring out what to write.

  1. Soon, all the pain and labor will be paid with little smiles. 
  2. Hang on a little longer as your little one is on its way to bring you happiness!
  3. You've done a great job these past months. Just a few more weeks to go, love! 
  4. This superhero is soon going to have a world of her own!
  5. Congratulations on having a new achievement unlocked!      
  6. You are going to be the best mom ever!
  7. Life goes quickly from being a baby yourself to becoming a baby's mom. So enjoy every moment of it as they grow up in no time!
  8. Hope these baby shower wishes can tell you how strong you are. Wishing you the best of everything and a safe delivery with a healthy baby! 
  9. Mothers are one of a kind, and so are you!
  10. Your baby is going to be so proud to have a mommy like you!
  11. Some days will be bright; some days will be dark. But remember, you can do this just like you have always done!    

Inspirational Quotes To Add To Baby Shower Cards

When you are at a dead end with your baby shower wishes, inspirational baby shower quotes are an excellent way to go. You have yet to learn how helpful they can be for the mothers-to-be. Here are a few options you can go with:

  1. "Don't take your girl to be a little baby. Remember, she is little, but she be fierce!" – Shakespeare.
  2. "A baby is as pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower" – Debasish Mridha.
  3. "Babies are such a nice way to start people!" – Don Herald.
  4. "Taking care of yourself is a part of caring for your baby." 
  5. "There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one" – Jill Churchill.
  6. "Motherhood changes everything. You just don't know how or when it happens. It just happens!" – Adriana Trigiani.  

Why Baby Shower Wishes Are A Good Idea?

Giving birth to a baby is an exhausting and painful experience. The anticipation of this experience often creates a state of anxiousness in moms-to-be, especially the first-timers. 

According to a study performed in 2022, there is a positive link between fear of childbirth (FOC), bad delivery experience, and postpartum mother-child bonding. In simpler words, negative thinking leads to a bad delivery experience. This fear then leads to difficulty in mother-child bonding. 

Thus, baby shower wishes are a great idea to prevent such outcomes and cultivate a sense of positivity in mothers! Baby showers make a mother feel loved, cared for, and protected. It also helps prepare her for what is coming ahead.   

Best Gift Ideas To Give Along With Baby Shower Wishes

Gift messages for baby showers are a must-do when celebrating motherhood. However, accompanying baby shower wishes with an equally warming gift is never a bad idea. Small stuffed toys or clothes are a good way to go. However, with Purelitto's baby skincare range, your baby shower gift can be a game changer for the event.

Some popular gift options to give with baby shower wishes can be:

1. Natural Organic Soaps

Given the importance of pure and natural ingredients for healthy and glowy baby skin, Purelitto has come up with a complete range of organic soaps. These soaps provide a gentle and effective skin cleansing without causing any harm. Moreover, they suit all kinds of sensitive skin, preventing skin peeling.  

You can choose from the following organic soap to gift your loved one along with baby shower wishes:   

  • Cinnamon nutmeg soap
  • Lemongrass soap
  • Oats and olive soap
  • Shea butter soap
  • Lemon sunflower soap

2. Baby Skincare Bundles

Baby skincare bundles are specially designed to soothe and moisturize the baby's skin, just like your baby shower wishes. With Purelitto, you can get complete skincare bundles, including baby lotions, gentle baby washes, and baby powders. They cleanse and hydrate your baby's skin and protect it from undesired skin problems like Melia and infant seborrheic dermatitis

3. Baby Bath Bombs  

Bath bombs might seem fancy, but that is what makes them the perfect baby shower gift! These bombs make bathing an enjoyable experience for babies as well as youngsters. Moreover, they are infused with essential oils that help care for the baby's skin and keep it hydrated. 

Different scented baby bath bombs make bathing a fun activity for babies. There are many different baby bath bombs available in the market, such as

  • Sunshine bath bomb 
  • Coffee bath bomb
  • Princess bath bomb for girls
  • Lavender bath bomb
  • Autumn spirit bath bombs
  • Summer beach bath bombs, etc    

The Final Takeaway

Baby showers are celebrations of achieving the milestones of motherhood. They create a socially welcoming environment for both the mother and the baby. It helps to develop a sense of positivity, preparing the mother for the labor and delivery process. 

Furthermore, with baby shower wishes, both mothers and fathers embrace the sense of parenthood and responsibility. So, let your loved ones know how much you cherish their new beginning by writing your heart out with these wishes!