Tiny Tubs, Big Gains: All About The Benefits of Bathing Baby Daily

Parenthood is a journey full of love, baby giggles, and late-night diaper changes — not to forget the occasional spit-outs and sleepless nights. For new moms and dads learning how to care for their bundle of joy, each day brings a fresh set of challenges. Bathing the baby is one such act, leaving parents and caregivers with a lot of questions. How often is too often? What’s the right water temperature? What are the benefits of bathing baby daily? The list goes on. 

While handling a slippery little human is not an easy task, bathing brings a host of benefits for your baby, keeping their skin clean and moisturized while preventing irritation. The warm water and bubbles create a soothing environment that helps the baby relax and get a good night’s sleep, apart from developing their sensory and motor skills. Still need answers? Read on; this comprehensive bath time guide will help you learn all you need to care for your little one. 

Benefits of Bathing Baby Daily: The Bright Side

While a newborn only needs to be bathed 2-3 times a week, there are plenty of benefits of bathing baby daily once they become a toddler. Since kids at this age love playtime, they’re likely to catch germs and skin infections, making an everyday bath a must. Read on for the benefits of bathing toddler regularly. 

1. Health Benefits

Bathing is a staple in promoting the health and well-being of babies. First, the mixture of warm water and organic soap cleanses their delicate skin, helping to remove accumulated dirt and bacteria. Moreover, babies have a developing immune system vulnerable to many skin issues, from eczema and rashes to acne. Bathing helps wash away harmful microorganisms that may lead to infections, reducing the probability of skin discomfort and irritations. 

Other benefits of bathing baby daily include maintaining overall skin health, since it retains the skin’s natural moisture and prevents dryness. Your bundle of joy may have dry skin for several reasons, including nappy rash, skin peeling, and dehydration — making regular baths a must for soft and supple skin. 

To further prevent dry skin and cradle cap, add Purelitto’s bath bombs to the routine. Made with essential oils and gentle herbs, these products are a no-brainer for parents looking to moisturize and soothe their little one’s skin. 

2. Temperature Regulation

One of the most notable benefits of bathing baby daily is temperature regulation. Since babies have a developing thermoregulatory system, they’re susceptible to temperature fluctuations. This is where regular baths come in. According to this study, they not only regulate the body temperature but also prevent any fluctuations, making them particularly beneficial for preterm infants. 

Moreover, the bath time stimulates blood vessels near the skin’s surface, which helps distribute heat more evenly throughout the body. This, in turn, promotes circulation and blood flow. However, remember to maintain a water temperature range of 98.6° to 100° F (37° to 38° C) in the bathtub. If it is too warm, it may cause dryness and burns on your child’s skin, while water that is too cold may cause chills in the baby. 

3. Improved Sleep & Sensory Stimulation

Parenthood means doing everything to make your little bundle of joy fall asleep, from dancing with colorful toys to singing lullabies just before bedtime. So, why not add a bedtime bath to the mix? When babies enjoy a warm bath, their blood vessels dilate, bringing blood to their skin’s surface. 

This process, known as vasodilation, leads to a subsequent drop in body temperature when they exit the bath. Such a decreased body temperature helps babies fall asleep quicker and promotes a restful night. Other benefits of bathing baby daily include sensory stimulation and motor development. It helps them understand different temperature sensations and catch sensory cues (bubbles forming, toys hitting the tub). Some bath toys, like stacking cups and squeeze toys, encourage children to work their muscles, promoting physical development. 

How Often to Bathe a Baby

Now that you’re adept with the benefits of bathing baby daily, you must be wondering, “when to give bath to newborn baby?”. Well traditionally, newborns were bathed right after delivery, but recent research suggests that it might be beneficial to delay the first bath. A study from 2019 involving almost 1,000 babies found that delaying the first water dip by 12 hours may encourage breastfeeding. Another study suggested that a bath after 48 hours could promote a newborn’s skin development and maintain body temperature. 

Once you bring your baby home, it’s recommended to schedule the bath time one to two times a week until the umbilical cord stump falls off. Until then, use a gentle sponge bath and a warm washcloth to clean the baby’s skin, starting from the face and neck and progressing downwards. 

1 to 2 Months

During the initial months of a baby’s life, it is recommended to bath them one to two times a week. As mentioned earlier, this routine is especially important when your little one has an umbilical cord stump. Once that falls off, usually within the first few weeks, you can schedule bath time more often. Plus, how often to bathe a baby 1 month depends on various factors, including the baby’s skin sensitivity and the climate in which you live. 

For parents wondering, “how often should I bathe my 2 month old baby”, the answer is three times a week. Babies at this tender age do not need regular baths since they don’t go out often and are less likely to catch dirt. While you might be tempted to bathe your little one every day, remember that this practice may dry out their skin, leading to conditions like eczema. 

6 Months Onwards

Once your baby reaches the six-month mark, you may increase the frequency of bath times to three to four times a week or even daily if the pediatrician approves it. However, remember that exceeding the limit may over-dry your baby’s skin, doing more harm than good. 

As a child grows into the toddler stage (1 to 3 years old), the bath routine changes too. This is when you should wash your baby’s face and genital areas every day to prevent the risk of infections and keep them healthy. Wondering when to start bathing baby every night? Well, if a toddler enjoys bath time or loves playing in the mud, that’s when everyday baths become a must. 


Bathing brings a host of benefits for babies, from helping them fall asleep quicker to regulating body temperature and stimulating the senses. Apart from this, bath time fosters a great bonding time for parents and little ones, helping babies feel attached while cleansing their gentle skin. 

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