12 Must-Try Natural Shampoos for Babies: Gentle, Safe, and Effective

Bath time is a great bonding time for parents and their little ones, promoting a rich sensory environment for babies along with developing their language skills. By rinsing germs and bacteria off your baby’s body, regular bathing helps maintain a normal body temperature and nourished, healthy skin. But which organic baby wash and shampoo should you use (if any)?

Since our baby’s skin and hair are delicate and still developing, they require the softest and most nurturing haircare products. This is where a natural shampoo for babies comes in — a haircare formula without any harmful additives like sulfates or parabens. 

Derived from plant-based ingredients, natural shampoos not only cleanse germs but also protect the health of your baby’s sensitive scalp, keeping discomfort and irritation at bay. Let’s find the best organic baby wash and shampoo to keep your little one’s skin soft, healthy, and beautifully clean! 

1. Purelitto Gentle Baby Wash - Editor’s Choice

Designed with a tear-free formula, the Purelitto baby wash ensures a pleasant and sting-free bathing time for your little one. It is free from harmful chemicals like SLS/SLES, dyes, parabens, and synthetic pigments, making it a non-toxic, hypoallergenic addition to your baby’s skincare routine. Forming a rich and luxurious foam, this gentle baby wash cleans without stripping natural oils from your child’s skin, leaving it smooth, soft, and moisturized. 

To top it off, it has a refreshing citrus scent obtained from essential oils and natural fragrance oils that promote a calming effect. Free from animal-based ingredients, the Purelitto baby wash protects your child’s skin and the environment, making it an eco-conscious option. 

Here are the key ingredients of this formula:

  • Chamomile: Known for its anti-inflammatory nature, chamomile helps reduce skin irritation and soothe dry patches, making it the best natural shampoo for babies' eczema. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid: This mighty moisturizing agent holds 1000 times its weight in water, which helps keep your little one’s skin hydrated and prevents dryness (or flakiness). 
  • Vitamin E: As a potent anti-inflammatory agent, Vitamin E contributes to immune system health, cell function, and skin barrier, which helps in healing dry, damaged skin. 

2. SheaMoisture Baby Wash & Shampoo

If you’re looking for the best gentle shampoo for your baby’s skin and hair, look no further than this formula by SheaMoisture. Made with raw shea butter and argan oil, it helps prevent skin dryness and flakiness, maintaining the natural oils in your little one’s scalp. It is free from harmful additives, so you don’t need to worry about harmful reactions or skin irritation. 

Thanks to the Chamomile addition, the baby wash helps soothe red, irritated skin, which makes it the perfect companion for bath times right before bed. Working as a moisturizer and natural cleanser, this dual-action baby wash is all you need for your child’s nourished, hydrated skin. 


  • Free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and mineral oils
  • Soothing scents like Myrrh and Frankincense help calm and relax babies
  • Cruelty-free and aligns with sustainable production goals


  • It might not be tear-free

3. The Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo

This powerful 2-in-1 baby care product combines shampoo and body wash to simplify your little one’s bathtime. Made to leave both skin and hair soft and clean, the Honest natural shampoo for babies has a tear-free and hypoallergenic nature. So, say goodbye to tears and hello to a comfortable bath time for both you and your newborn. 

As a bonus, it contains aloe vera extract, which helps improve hydration and soothe irritation on your baby’s sensitive skin. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, aloe also keeps fungal and bacterial rashes at bay, promoting healthier, protected skin. Being dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, parents can trust that the formula is safe for their babies’ sensitive scalp. 


  • Chamomile prevents skin dryness and irritation
  • Comes in an eco-conscious, recyclable packaging
  • No dyes, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, or silicones


  • No calming or pleasing scent

4. Hello Bello Extra Gentle Shampoo & Body Wash

The Hello Bello natural shampoo for babies is a dream come true for parents searching for a safe, gentle, and natural cleansing solution. Packaged in a handy 10 FL Oz bottle, this plant-based formula takes care of your little one’s skin while providing a healthy bath with its sweet cream scent. 

Talking about the ingredients, the body wash contains jojoba seed oil and a mix of botanical extracts, such as sunflower oil, avocado fruit extract, and organic aloe. This powerful blend cleanses your babies’ skin without causing dry patches or irritation. Known as the best non-toxic shampoo, Hello Bello has a tear-free formulation that makes bath time more fun and less tears. 


  • Tested and proven hypoallergenic by pediatricians
  • Subtle sweet cream scent that promotes comfort
  • No harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens


  • Faulty product packaging may lead to leakage

5. Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo and Wash Set

Made with 98.7% natural, plant-based ingredients, the Burt’s Bees shampoo set helps cleanse your babies’ skin without causing dryness or irritation. The formula contains soy proteins that create a rich, tear-free lather and a blend of natural moisturizers that deeply nourish your child’s skin. Bonus points for the added Glycerin, a natural humectant that attracts moisture to the skin. 

This natural shampoo for babies also contains an amino acid derived from sugar beets, known as Betaine, which protects the skin’s natural barrier. It also infuses moisture in your child’s hair strands and improves hair texture with a shiny, conditioning effect. 


  • Hypoallergenic formula reduces the risk of allergies
  • Tear-free nature minimizes eye irritation during bath time
  • Glycerin and natural oils help prevent dryness and flakiness


  • Uses a low-quality bottle and pump

6. Aveeno Baby Gentle Bath Wash & Shampoo

As parents, all we want is to keep our little ones clean and comfortable, especially with their delicate skin and hair. Aveeno Baby bath wash is here to simplify your routine, combining safe and healthy ingredients with a tear-free formulation. This natural shampoo for babies is enriched with natural oat extract, which helps keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. 

Babies are known for their cute spills, but regular soaps can be harsh on their sensitive skin. This baby wash makes a rich lather that cleanses their hair and skin without drying it out. As a cherry on top, the formula leaves a light, fresh fragrance on your child’s tiny toes (and body). 


  • pH-balanced to meet your baby’s skin needs
  • Dermatologist-recommended as a safe choice for babies
  • The tear-free formula prevents eye irritation


  • Shampoo bottles may leak or spill at times

7. Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Shampoo

Looking for the best all natural shampoo for your little bundle of joy? Babo Botanicals heard your search and formulated an ultra-gentle shampoo and body wash blend to calm and soothe your baby’s skin, wiping away unwanted germs and bacteria. With plant-based ingredients like shea butter, calendula, and aloe vera, it also caters to babies with sensitive skin. 

Plus, this natural shampoo for babies is pediatrician-tested and EWG-verified, which meets strict standards set by the Environmental Working Group. Extra points for the bottle, made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. This reduces the environmental impact of your purchase and reflects sustainable consumption practices. 


  • 23 plant-based ingredients nourish and soothe
  • Fragrance-free for babies with sensitive skin 
  • Chamomile helps soften irritated scalp and hair


  • It may leave the hair greasy at times

8. Weleda Baby Calendula 2-in-1 Gentle Shampoo

When it comes to your little one’s delicate skin and hair, the Weleda Baby Calendula 2-in-1 shampoo provides soothing benefits topped by the scent of calendula flowers. This dual-purpose shampoo without chemicals contains plant-based ingredients like sweet almond oil and calendula extract, which gently cleanse your baby’s scalp. 

The rich lather washes away harmful germs while being kind enough not to sting your child’s eyes, reflecting a tear-free formulation. To further comfort irritated skin, this natural shampoo for babies contains Chamomile, known for its powerful antioxidant properties. 


  • NATRUE certification guarantees its purity
  • Pleasant, mild scent suitable for babies
  • Free from harsh chemicals like parabens 


  • May lead to scalp dryness and promote cradle cap

9. Sun Bum Gluten Free Shampoo & Wash

Made with care, the Sun Bum foaming solution cleanses your toddler’s skin without stripping away essential moisture. The formula is based on a blend of plant-based ingredients, such as nourishing coconut oil and tropical extracts (white ginger, banana, and aloe). Thanks to the addition of sea minerals, parents will notice soft and supple baby skin after each bath. 

This 12-fl Oz bottle also provides excellent value — with just two pumps, you’ll see a rich lather that nourishes your toddler’s hair without causing irritation or dryness. Containing no harsh chemicals or heavyweight formula, this natural shampoo for babies is a gentle, tear-free solution that makes bath time fun for all those involved. 


  • Plant-based ingredients provide hydration
  • Pediatrician and dermatologist tested for safety
  • No harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens


  • It has a strong, overpowering scent

10. ATTITUDE EWG Verified 2-in-1 Shampoo

Whether you’re cradling a newborn or running after a toddler, bath time should be about bonding, not stressing about harmful chemicals. That’s where ATTITUDE comes in with its EWG-verified formula, ensuring that every ingredient is tested for safety and environmental impact. 

What makes it stand out as the best natural shampoo for dry hair is the star ingredient, colloidal oatmeal, which helps soothe flaky, irritated skin. The formula is gentle enough for a baby’s delicate skin, adding moisture to the scalp without leaving any harsh residues. Stressed about skin reactions? This natural shampoo for babies is dermatologist-tested for allergy risks, leaving less for parents and caregivers to worry about. 


  • Vegan and cruelty-free, supporting ethical consumption 
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin
  • Nourishing formula prevents skin dryness and irritation


  • May lead to scalp itching for some babies

11. Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo

There’s nothing like cradling a clean, sweet-smelling baby, and Cetaphil understands this. Packed in a handy 13.5-ounce package, this 2-in-1 solution takes care of all your babies’ bathtime needs. The gentle blend forms a rich lather that cleans without the harshness of soap, leaving your little one’s skin soft and nourished. 

The Cetaphil solution also contains calendula extract (derived from marigold), which promotes natural healing and soothing properties, making it the healthiest shampoo for hair health. Besides maintaining the natural barrier of baby skin, the added natural extracts leave a subtle and calming scent, fulfilling all your fresh-smelling-baby desires. 


  • Rich lather means you use less product per bath
  • No parabens, colorants, or mineral oils used
  • Soften and soothes sensitive baby skin and scalp


  • May not have a tear-free formulation

12. Babyganics Baby Shampoo + Body Wash

Made with both baby and nature in mind, the Babyganics shampoo is free of any harmful chemicals like parabens, dyes, or synthetic fragrances. This allows parents to worry less about allergies and tears, focusing more on keeping their little one’s hair clean and healthy. Extra points for the NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend, which helps support and nurture your babies’ skin barrier. 

This blend consists of tomato, cranberry, black cumin, raspberry seed oils, and sunflower, each enriched with moisturizing properties. As a result, the baby care solution promotes healthy hair growth and skin health for your toddler, preventing issues like dryness. 


  • Non-allergenic and tear-free formula
  • Contains a blend of natural seed oils
  • No parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances


  • It may not feature a clean, sweet smell


The best natural shampoo for babies helps soothe and protect your little one’s skin, all while infusing it with moisture and nourishment. Going by this tested-and-tried guide, you can’t go wrong with any of the best organic shampoos and body washes listed here. Thanks to their plant-based, hypoallergenic formulations, these natural products rinse germs and bacteria off your babies’ skin without any harmful chemicals (read: sulfates and parabens). 

If you want to infuse your baby’s bath time routine with even more love and warmth, check out Purelito’s organic skincare range. Offering everything from bath bombs and natural soaps to gentle body lotions, the brand is an all-rounded solution for the health and well-being of your child. So, check out Purelitto’s natural skincare range today!